Crypto PR Services for New and Established Tech Companies

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Adgcraft is a group of well-versed public relations (PR) specialists who know how to popularize your brand if you want to boost your company and keep up with the most recent advancements in technology and the crypto space.

We recognize that the world is evolving quickly, including the cryptocurrency industry, and that many people find the world of blockchain technology to be inaccessible, which makes it difficult for these companies to reach out to their target audience. This is why we integrate everything we do with our enthusiasm for data technology.

Worldwide, we collaborate on crypto projects of all sizes. For our customers, we develop powerful tactics that guarantee their cryptocurrency ventures are accepted by the market. Our customers appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are working with public relations (PR) specialists who are familiar with the cryptocurrency market and the particular requirements of companies that deal with cryptocurrencies. We work with both established brands and new ventures, working in domains such as cryptocurrency, NFT, Blockchain, and Decentralized startups, to develop campaigns that not only bring in more revenue for businesses like yours but
also guarantee the maximum return on investment

How Adgcraft Help Businesses With Technology?

We anticipate that a company’s technological strategy both influences and directs its corporate strategy. We, as a communication partner, can assist you in identifying the right systems, people, and technological capabilities you need to succeed, irrespective of your starting position. You can benefit from our business technology consulting experience by

❖ Organize your digital transformation and align your technology strategy with
your business goals.
❖ Modify your systems and infrastructure using a thorough roadmap depending on
your particular requirements.
❖ Adopt relevant operational paradigms and Agile techniques to boost your
company technology functions’ effectiveness, creativity, and efficiency.
❖ Establish a moral and reliable fundraising strategy.
❖ With Delivery Assurance, you can accomplish your most ambitious
technological support in the transition.
❖ Make technology a factor in successful M&As.
❖ Plan your methodology with assurance and risk mitigation in mind.

Adgcraft’s Helpful Role In Crypto


❖ Technology Transformation and Strategy
Your company plan should organically flow into your technology strategy. We’ll assist you in aligning your people and systems behind a big digital transformation while keeping an eye on costs and cutting-edge innovation.
Over 90% of businesses find it challenging to fulfill the aspirations of a technology-enabled business. We can assist you with identifying your starting point, articulating your goals, sustaining competitive advantages, designing the
best strategy, and implementing long-lasting transformation.

❖ Systems and Architecture
Your systems and architecture are subject to completely new needs and expectations due to digital transformation. To become a true leader who is enabled by technology, Adgcraft (PR agency) assists you to update your
complete technological stack. We offer IT consulting knowledge and expertise in all areas of technology
modernization, from creating best-in-class customer interaction tools to implementing cloud strategies, automating business processes, employing contemporary data architecture, and securing your company’s environment.
Specialized capabilities are offered by the best-in-class partners in our growing ecosystem. Our strategy will hasten the technological change you need to make
in order to future-proof your architecture.

❖ Model for operating a technology
An IT organization will be profitable primarily because of the technology operating model, which allows for greater change, uniform governance, and a thorough talent strategy. We help you reinvent the way things are done, organize your
teams for accountability and effectiveness, and provide your IT executives with the tools and methods for making smart decisions.

❖ Manage Technology Costs
Both in terms of actual cash and as a percentage of operating costs, the costs of digitalization are driving up technology budgets. We’ll assist you in implementing cost-management techniques that reduce waste and advance
your goal. There is little potential for reductions because “keeping the lights on” consumes about 80% of a typical IT budget. However, we can demonstrate to you how to streamline and refocus your IT, empowering your company to pursue your most promising business initiatives. Our strategy is flexible and all-encompassing. Through greater production and efficiency, we can provide results in the short term while generating long-term savings. Let us assist you in developing the transparent cost management practice necessary to carry out your digital plan.

❖ Cybersecurity
Each month, millions of hackers target big corporations. Therefore, tactical adjustments alone are insufficient. Our Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment assists you in creating a plan to thwart the majority of assaults and quickly
recover from any that may succeed. It is crucial that C-suite leaders support a cybersecurity strategy that is strong enough to repel the vast majority of attacks and ensures the organization is resilient enough to quickly recover from any that succeed as cybercrime becomes more and more common. This year, it is predicted to cause $6 trillion
in losses, making it more profitable than the entire global trade in illegal drugs.

❖ Assurance of technology delivery
Boost your level of assurance that the large-scale tech transformation projects you are working on will be successful. To accomplish your objectives, you may foresee problems, reduce risks, and make wise decisions with the aid of our
structured approach. With the equally essential business imperatives of process redesign, organization design, incentive realignment, and training, we assist you in striking a balance between key IT difficulties (vendor selection, system customization, technology acquisition, and system rollout).

❖ Technology Integration and Merger
One of the most difficult aspects of any merger or acquisition is the integration of technology. We assist you in minimizing risks and utilizing this difficulty to get a competitive edge and a sizable source of the transaction value.

Public Relations (PR) and Crypto Technology in Relation

Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency are now popular terms in the tech sector. With the use of the distributed ledger known as the blockchain, individuals can store money and make safe payments without the aid of a bank or credit card firm. Compared to conventional banking systems, it offers transactions that are quicker, cheaper, and more secure.

Since it was created nine years ago, the Intersection Blockchain has mostly been related to bitcoin. Public relations is one of the sectors where its applications are actively being investigated. Blockchain technology is used by PR specialists to monitor media coverage, create fresh data points for analysis, and more accurately gauge the success of campaigns. of Public Relations(PR) and Cryptography. PR experts can use blockchain technology to confirm whether someone truly saw an advertisement or read an article about their company. It entails putting the content in “blocks” that anyone with a desire to view it can access.
This enables businesses to precisely track the placement of their headlines on a
webpage, the number of people who saw them, their post on the page, and the other material that showed alongside them.

Reaching your target audience and achieving your marketing objectives are guaranteed when you develop a good crypto PR campaign. To operate a successful crypto PR strategy, technology PR specialists should prioritize building their company’s brand image, collaborate with qualified media professionals, use different marketing platforms, have a crisis management plan, and produce high-quality content