Why Should you Follow EV (Electric Vehicle)?

Follow Ev

Whether we like it or not, follow EV (Electric Vehicle) are the way of the future, and there is a major global push for manufacturers to electrify their product lines. If you consider yourself a car purist, you know how difficult it is to transition to this eerily silent method of transportation that is still in its youth. However, thanks to technological advances that are gaining more excellent pace, electric vehicles are improving more quickly. There may be many options available, but there are seven main reasons why an follow electric vehicle (EV) should be your next vehicle.

  • Low Cost of Maintenance :-

An electric vehicle’s maintenance costs are comparatively quite low because there are so few moving parts in them. In contrast to ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars, which experience far more wear and tear and experience a reduction in life with time, service expenses will remain the same even after a few years. While having the advantage of transporting more people in style, the service cost of an electric automobile is almost comparable to or even cheaper than the service cost of a motorcycle. Your next vehicle should be an EV (Electric Vehicle), and this is unquestionably the most crucial reason why

  • EVs Are Always Changing :-

Don’t misunderstand us; we are aware that recharging an EV (Electric Vehicle) takes longer than refueling with fossil fuels, taking several hours on average. For ICE vehicles, however, you must take the time and effort to go to a gas station, wait while it is filled, pay the attendant, and then go to your office or home. When using an EV (Electric Vehicle), you charge it at night while you sleep, drive directly to work, return home, and then repeat the process. You may now charge your electric vehicle while working thanks to the expansion of charging infrastructure in businesses and other locations. Due to EVs’ shorter range and longer charging times, this is not always the case when traveling large distances, but this disparity is rapidly disappearing, so very soon you will be able to tour your EV with ease.

  • EVs are becoming more Dependable :-

The fact that an EV has a lot fewer moving parts enhances the likelihood that it will live longer, albeit this argument may be made more than once. Additionally, due to the same reason, there is a lower likelihood of parts breaking down or requiring maintenance, making EVs more dependable than ICE vehicles. Therefore, your next vehicle should be an EV if you prefer to own a car for a longer amount of time while having fewer concerns.

  • EVs Improve Over Time :-

Yes, EVs can improve with time. For instance, Tesla offers software Over-The-Air updates for its cars, which contribute to a more seamless experience. Since software might restrict a car’s performance, it would be ideal to increase performance through OTA updates. This may sound absurd, but Tesla has done it with their vehicles in the past.

  • Minimal Operating Cost :-

The running costs of EVs are a significant benefit over conventional IC engine vehicles. For instance, the Hyundai Kona can travel 450 kilometers on a single charge, which means that its operating expenses are even lower than one rupee per kilometer! Isn’t that amazing? Considering India, this is the most significant benefit of purchasing an EV.

  • Government Incentives for EVs :-

Not to mention the benefits you receive when buying an EV right now. The government is offering incentives to encourage cleaner driving, which lowers the cost of cars below their ex-showroom costs. The incentives, nevertheless, vary from state to state. You may anticipate a drop in EV prices soon, and because of these incentives and rapidly advancing battery technology, they will also be far less expensive to own.

  • Greater Efficiency :-

We naturally saved the greatest for last. You have instant acceleration when 100% of the torque is accessible right away. Add a lower center of gravity, and you have a lethal weapon. Performance electric vehicles are already setting records on a variety of tracks throughout the globe, leaving ICE vehicles in their silence behind. Performance EVs are shattering speed records thanks to their incredible acceleration times

How PR Agency helps EV Industry in promotion?

A new EV product’s launch preparations can be a difficult task.PR can be used successfully at every stage of a product’s existence. Its most well-known application has been in the launch of new EV (Electric Vehicle) goods. The best chance for gaining the most exposure is with products that seem noteworthy to the media and appealing to consumers. A brand will have a chance in the market if it receives positive media coverage. Publicity can increase interest in a product and openness to subsequent advertising. A new product will have greater recognition as a result of coverage in print and broadcast media. The strategies listed below can be used by a PR team to launch a new product successfully.

  • Product Research :-

Before a new product is introduced, research is essential. It enables a brand to learn more about not only its clients but also its rivals. The results of the research will provide important information on who is purchasing a product, who is not, and what drives them to do so. Product research can be used to determine whether similar products or services existing on the market satisfy the needs of the intended market.

  • Make an impact in the Market :-

A product might be the focus of skillful teaser PR campaigns to generate impact in the marketplace. By determining the marketing problems that the product or service is attempting to address, a market need may be formed in the press. Release of survey findings or internal data pertinent to a product’s main message is possible.

  • Implement a press Release :-

A new product’s press release should be written so that it attracts the interest of media personnel. It is advisable to get in touch with relevant media people who might be interested in the goods. There are PR tools available that, based on the characteristics of the product, recommend pertinent media contacts.

  • Create Content :-

It is important to make sure that the communication strategy chosen is appropriate for the context and the target audience before developing content for various social media platforms. The material produced ought to inspire discussion and involvement. You can invite the audience to add to the content. They can take pictures and make movies of material related to the new product, then hashtag those images and videos.


We certainly are making good progress in nations like India where there is still much work to be done on the infrastructure for charging. The government’s efforts to minimize its carbon footprint appear to be benefiting the cause more. The government has pledged to build more charging stations throughout India, including in rural and outlying locations as well as urban ones. Therefore, the benefit extends beyond just you, the government, and the manufacturer to future generations of Homo sapiens who will be able to observe the flora and wildlife that we help preserve for them.

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