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pr agency and media relation

Difference between PR Agency and Marketing Agency

Many business owners are ignorant of the distinction between a PR agency and a marketing company. Both have many similarities, and they typically work best when paired as part of a larger overall strategy. Many people believe you must choose between the two, but this couldn’t be further from t...
a girl thinking about how does pr agencies work

How Do PR Agencies Work

All the information you require regarding public relations and pr agencies. The promotion mix includes public relations as a key component. In the age of globalization, the majority of multinational corporations take active steps to manage and preserve their connections with their clients. The major...
web 3.0

Public relations for the Web 3.0 industry

To explore and understand the internet, the idea of Web 3.0 Adgcraft PR services looks at trends and patterns, and technological breakthroughs. It’s not only becoming preferable but also attempting to change how we view the Internet. Internet marketing in the Web 3.0 era extends far beyond web...
Qualities of a good manager

Who is a Manager? Qualities of a Good Manager

To be able to understand, comprehend, and communicate without any filters Achieving the role of a manager signifies a culmination of effort and skill development. However, proficiency in one’s tasks doesn’t automatically translate to being an outstanding manager. Managing people requires...
Brand Crisis Communication

How to Handle Controversies Around Your Brand?

Navigating a crisis is an inevitable challenge for any brand, and the ability to address controversies effectively can make the crucial difference between reputational damage and resilience. In today’s hyper-connected world, where information spreads rapidly across various platforms, a brand&#...

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